What kind of ratings will Manchester City players get in this y

  • As the FIFA 22 season is approaching, the prediction scores of each team are constantly being announced. Today, let's take a look at the scores of the Manchester City players.

    Zack Steffen-77 (was 76)

    EA's treatment of most of the top clubs' substitute goalkeepers is almost the same: they will serve as a non-rare card from the mid-70s to the climax, and then continue to maintain this situation in the following game cycle.

    Manchester City's American goalkeeper is unlikely to be promoted, but his FUT 22 Coins popularity last season has been slightly improved.

    Scott Carson-67 (was 70)

    It's hard to predict how EA will rate Scott Carson this season, because it's also hard to find as a player who stays in the stands almost permanently.

    Although downgrading is not unreasonable for Scott Carson, once his score drops below 65, he will become a Bronze card, and his value in FIFA Ultimate Team may be greatly reduced.

    Oleksandr Zinchenko-82 (was 80)

    As a player of Pep Guardiola, Oleksandr Zinchenko will be able to reflect his important role in the team this season. And the year after starting the Champions League final and scoring in the European Championships will be his golden age.

    Based on his performance on the court, a score of 82 is quite reasonable to compare with players such as Marcel Halstenberg and Sergio Reguilon.

    Benjamin Mendy-79 (was 81)

    Due to Benjamin Mendy's poor performance last season and a FIFA Coins long-term appearance on the bench, his rating may be greatly reduced this season, so he is likely to be out of the rare card position.

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