How do players get Plunder Skulls in Elder Scrolls Online?

  • During the live broadcast of the Witch Festival, players can earn Plunder Skulls throughout the event to celebrate Halloween in Elder Scrolls Online. There are many ways to get Plunder Skulls rewards, but it can be confusing when there are so many ESO Gold.

    Getting the basic Plunder Skulls in Plunder Skulls is fairly simple. The purple skull box can be obtained when the player defeats the boss, completes an event or even a dungeon. They are basically used for any major event. But what players really want to pursue is Dremora Plunder Skulls, and these are a bit more complicated. Purple Plunder Skulls will provide some nice rewards, such as recipes or clothing styles that players can learn without knowing how to make them. Each box usually comes with some random errors and style materials. However, the yellow or gold Dremora predator skull pays off almost every time, Including some ESO Gold.

    The Dremora version can carry Dremora patterns, Glenmoril Wyrd patterns or maps, and various rare expressions for players to use and sell. However, the Dremora predator skull is limited, while the standard predator skull is not. Fortunately, during the Witch Festival of Elder Scrolls Online, there is a way to solve the crazy problem of skulls. Every day, each character owned by the player can obtain a Dremora Predator Skull through different event methods. This means that defeating a leader of Delve will reward the player with a Dremora for plundering the skull.

    There are seven different ways in Elder Scrolls Online that can help players get looted skeletons. They can find the list by going to their achievements and looking for the holidays section. Completing any of these events, except for the battle with Crowborne Horror, will reward the player with a Dremora Skull and a normal Plunder Skull at any time thereafter. Of course players can also get it through buy ESO Gold. In order to maximize the drop, players should swap between characters when possible and get all possible rewards during the Elder Scrolls Online Witch Festival.

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