New World developers will focus on bots and balance this month

  • Amazon Games already laid out plans for New World in February. Now that the developers have completed their first world merger of the year, the team is focused on "bugs, bots, and balance." There will be more exciting content in the future.

    The next update to the MMO is currently in public beta. The team is currently testing changes to combat, PVE, Outpost Rush, and crafting. The big changes to Outpost Rush focus on scoring and rewards. Dealing damage now increases the player's score, and kills player-controlled and AI enemies' score decreased. As for prizes, completing a match now rewards Cheap New World Coins.

    As for player combat, players can swap weapons while reacting, dodging, traversing, and using consumables. Using this action won't interrupt those, but remember to add a one-second cooldown to "prevent instant weapon spam".

    Bots have been a point of discussion in the community. The developers touched on this topic in an update video last month, and more news on this seems to be coming soon. Bot posts on the subreddit have remained the same since the game launched last year. A submission from January proved popular because it pointed out that a bot was approaching level 60 and that it had been fishing in one place for several weeks.

    As for the future, it looks like we can expect more world mergers and exciting content. A fan on Twitter asked for more free content, prompting a reply that the team is "planning for more exciting content in the future." Amazon hasn't specified when players will see the new content or other world mergers, so keep waiting. At present, if players just want to buy New World Gold, they can go to IGGM to take a look.