New World January Update Brings Endgame Mutators

  • New World's latest update brings some big changes to Amazon's MMORPG ending, most notably Expedition Mutators. Using Mutated Expedition Orbs, which can be crafted or purchased from faction vendors, players can try out more challenging versions of the expedition with different modifiers each week and earn additional New World Gold. Players will be rated based on their performance, taking kills, obliterations and completion times into account. Higher score means higher difficulty and more New World Gold.

    Going hand in hand with the Expedition Mutators is the new Umbral Shard upgrade system. By acquiring Umbral Shards from Expedition Mutators, players can increase their gear's maximum gear score to 625. Players can also earn Umbral Shards by opening Plaster Castings or crafting items with 600 Gear Score, as long as the player has reached the corresponding item slot of 600.

    The cost of making tuning orbs for Expeditions has been reduced across the board, and players can now also purchase certain Expeditions' orbs directly from the faction vendor once per day. Good news for players still struggling to reach the top level, players level up 20% faster from levels 23-45. Amazon said the mid-game upgrade took some time and didn't match the pace of the content. The cost of fast travel is being significantly reduced, and new fast travel temples have also been added to make it easier to travel to various expeditions.

    As for what's next for New World, Amazon recently announced that while the game will receive an update in February, it will be working on bug fixes and won't include any new content. Amazon recently started the process of merging various sparsely populated servers together, and it will continue to do so as necessary to ensure a healthy player experience. Also, IGGM is a good option for players who want to buy New World Gold.

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