New World Daily Active Players Continue to Decline

  • According to statistics, within 6 months of New World's launch, players who left Steam in early December have not returned, resulting in a drop of more than 90% in daily active players since the game's launch in September 2021. Despite its flaws, New World has managed to maintain a following of tens of thousands of players every day. While player counts were significantly below SteamDB's all-time high of over 900,000 players shortly after launch, it's not uncommon for active New World Gold to drop dramatically once an MMORPG is released.

    According to Steam's global achievement statistics, nearly half of all players, or 48%, managed to reach level 30, which is reflected in Progress III: Showing What I'm Made Of. New World relies heavily on PvP combat as part of its final game, so expect a higher percentage of the player base to earn PvP-based achievements in the nearly 6 months after launch.

    Amazon Game Studios has a long-term strategy to make its game modes more interesting. Over the past few months, we've seen New World Gold replication issues, exploits, and the disabling of the character creation feature, but the team has persisted in addressing all issues, with new content coming soon.

    Initial impressions aside, New World still has a chance to win back the hundreds of thousands of players who have moved on by delivering new content to reinvigorate and stabilize the game. Are you still playing New World? If not, you can be brave and try. Finally, IGGM is a good option for players who want to buy New World Gold. 

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