New World introduces upcoming additions

  • So far, Amazon Game Studios has been mum on New World news in 2022, but that changed recently when a 50-minute dev blog was shared to the game's official YouTube channel.

    In this panel with the game team, we shared details of the January update, as well as the February PTR plans, server transfers, and more. First, the January update for the New World live game will introduce an expedition modifier called Mutators. Mutators are the latest addition to the New World endgame content that will make expeditions more difficult and provide players with more Cheap New World Coins.

    With this system, mutated tuning orbs will be available. This will enable players to start any expedition using this type of orb, means players can navigate the map faster to take advantage of new Mutators, and six new spiritual temples have been added to the game. The cost of fast travel for players in the game has also been reduced.

    New World players can now increase their feats to 625, up from the previous cap of 600. The PTR won't change much in February. According to the team, the February update will focus on fixing bugs and won't contain any new content.

    Server population has been an issue since day one of the tournament, and the team is still planning to address this further. Currently, there is no specific date. Finally, for those who don't know how to get New World Gold yet, they can try to buy New World Gold at IGGM.