Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker patch 6.05 provides the last two tr

  • Final Fantasy XIV has launched a new Endwalker DLC list, three of which will be unavailable at the time of release. However, since patch 6.05 adds a new Savage version of Pandmonium Raid, as well as many other adjustments, changes, and additions, the last two can now be unlocked.

    Like the update of Final Fantasy XIV, players can find the intricate details of the added content on the The Lodestone website. When Endwalker was released, three trophies were not available at the time of release. The main addition to 6.05 is the Savage version of the same Pandmonium raid, which will allow players to unlock one of the two previously time-limited trophies from the Endwalker DLC trophy list.

    Like the previous treasure hunt dungeon, after completing the Kumbhiraskin map, there is a chance to open a portal. This is one of the eight-player treasure hunt game. Players only need to visit Excitatron 6000 to unlock the mission to obtain FFXIV Gil. But because the second time will be a difficult chocobo ride. Although players can randomly try Savage raids through the Raid Finder, it is easier to find a dedicated static team to spend time learning and defeating all four levels of Pandmonium.

    The upper limit of Endgame chips is usually 2,000, and only 450 can be earned through Endgame events in a week, and this patch is no exception. Players can use them for some of the best supplier equipment, so it is best for players to start saving FF14 Gil. In addition to the new Excitation 6000 treasure dungeon and fresh master recipes, craftsmen can eliminate their top equipment and may make a fortune on the market board in the process. Some small work changes will result in a small amount of small gains and a small death nerf.