All equipment in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Pandaemonium Raid

  • Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker added its first raid dungeon Pandaemonium Asphodelos and its Limbo armor set in patch 6.01. These suits are made of soft colors and flowing fabrics, and will soon be matched with ivory weapons. The Pandaemonium equipment of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker was obtained by trading FFXIV Gil dropped by the boss.

    For a Limbo body armor, players must trade 4 Asphodelos unnamed armor, and for leg armor, they need FFXIV Gil. Compared with other armor slots, body and leg armors tend to bring the greatest attribute improvement to the character when they are upgraded. Two unnamed daffodil helmets can be exchanged for one helmet, and two unnamed daffodil gauntlets can be exchanged for hand tools. Accessories provide minimal increase in attributes, so they can be obtained with a single unnamed Asphodelos ring.

    No matter what job the player was when he got Pandaemonium Asphodelos FFXIV Gil, they can exchange FFXIV Gil for any job equipment. Maybe they participate in the Boss battle wearing cast armor as black magicians, and they can still use their FFXIV Gil to obtain Limbo armor for defense, maiming, strike, reconnaissance, aiming, or healing. If players want to prepare a different course, but don't want to dive into Pandaemonium with them, this is still a convenient option.

    It currently takes several weeks to Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil to make a full set of Limbo armor. Each circle in Pandaemonium has treasure chests and will also drop specific FFXIV Gil, so if players need FFXIV Gil in a specific slot, they may need to challenge the boss multiple times. FFXIV's Asphodelos: The First Circle can drop two unnamed Asphodelos helmets, two unnamed rings, and one each of Gauntlets, Armor, Chausses and Greaves.