Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Pandaemonium Raid reward

  • Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker has only been released in a few weeks, and patch 6.01 is now live. The latest Final Fantasy XIV update adds new missions, items and the first assault, Pandaemonium: Asphodelos. For those who have completed the main scenario tasks and want to start growing FFXIV Gil, the rewards and exchange rates for the items found in the Pandaemonium raid have been announced.

    To access Pandaemonium in Final Fantasy XIV, players must first complete Endwalker's main FFXIV Gil, and then perform the Crystal From Beyond mission in Old Sharlyan. Then, they need to complete the "Where Familiars Die" mission in Elpis to unlock the raid. As a prerequisite, players also need to reach an item level of 565 or higher to participate in Pandaemonium: Asphodelos.

    The new Pandaemonium: Asphodelos raid in Final Fantasy XIV is divided into four parts: the first circle, the second circle, the third circle, and the fourth circle. The treasure chest will be replaced by Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Players can get one FFXIV Gil from each circle as a reward every week. The new FFXIV Gil can exchange new equipment by talking to Mylenie of Labyrinthos or Djole of Radz-at-Han.

    Players participating in the Pandaemonium: Asphodelos raid in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker can also obtain the Unnamed Blade of Asphodelos after completing the fourth lap. This Pandaemonium reward can also be exchanged in the position of Mylenie in Labyrinthos or in Radz-at-Han with Djole, but it is used for Discal Tomestones.

    For those familiar with Final Fantasy XIV raids, this should not be surprising in terms of exchange rates and weekly rotations. However, for those who have completed MSQ, this is a great way to get better equipment and see new dungeons and raids in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker.