The Final Fantasy XIV community is mourning the disappearance o

  • Square Enix released patch 6.01 for Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. The update includes content such as the new Final Fantasy XIV Gil and the new raid series Pandemonium. But one aspect that the gaming community has been considering is that some of its grape polygons have been upgraded.

    In the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion pack, the grapes in the Labyrinthos area are graphically low-polygons. According to Square Enix's patch notes, the company referred to these grapes as "a problem", that is, the number of polygons of grapes in Labyrinthos was excessively reduced to reduce system memory usage in the area. Therefore, the grapes have been adjusted to be comparable to those FFXIV Gil in Crystarium.

    When the grapes are bunched together, they form a crystal-like shape with hard corners. However, the new update has eliminated these corners. Now, the community is grieving for the fact that their favorite meme-able fruit has disappeared. Even the official Twitter account of Final Fantasy XIV acknowledged the grapes.

    The latest expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, Endwalker, was launched on December 7th. It was so popular that the game director had to apologize for the login issue and provide free game time. In addition, Square Enix had to temporarily stop new sales of the game to ease server congestion. The good news is that IGGM will hold a Christmas discount event, Players who want to buy FFXIV Gil can use code "XMAS" to get 7% OFF.