Elder Scrolls Online New Life Festival is about to kick off

  • The New Life Festival event will begin on Thursday, December 16th at The Elder Scrolls Online, providing players with the opportunity to obtain festival-themed rewards and event tickets. This is a very large event, players who want to know the relevant situation can watch it.

    First, to start their seasonal activities, players need to go to the Crown Store in the game and receive the New Life Festival mission. Players need to collect as much Elder Scrolls Online Gold as possible while completing the mission. Second, they need to go to Eastmarch to find Herald Breda by teleporting from any Impresario tent, or via Wayshrine to the south of Windhelm.

    After completing the introduction missions, players will be able to participate in ten daily missions, which will be available between Thursday, December 16th and Tuesday, January 4th. Players will pay three event tickets for the first daily task of the New Life Festival completed for consumption in Impresario, and all ten daily tasks will reward them with New Life Festival gift boxes. Each box has a random classification.

    This is a seasonal event, and Impresario will also return, offering a large number of items in exchange for hard-earned tickets for players. As the last event of this year, Impresario will store 2021’s Unstable Monolith pet morphs. Don’t forget that throughout the event, players can use Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug collectable, which provides players with a 100% experience booster, and it stacks with other XP reels. Finally, players who want to buy ESO Gold can choose IGGM.