Elder Scrolls Online trailer shows huge changes

  • As we all know, Elder Scrolls Online is completely different from today in 2014. ZeniMax has made some radical changes to MMO in the past five years, and the team recently released a lengthy trailer.

    The nearly 10-minute trailer was unceremoniously published on YouTube, an "in-depth introduction video" of everything that players can now find in the huge game. It's a bit strange to see the introductory video drop a few years after the game was released, but seeing so much new content added, it can be used as an easy way for beginners to get started quickly.

    The latest Elder Scrolls Online trailer covers almost every aspect of MMO, but here are some highlights: One Tamriel: Free to explore every area, no level restrictions. Player Housing: Use ESO Gold to buy, upgrade and decorate dozens of houses throughout Tamriel. New Regions: Over the years, popular locations such as Blackwood and Elsville have been added to ESO. Crafting: From jewelry and swords to robes and bows and arrows, there are no restrictions on the items players can build. PvP: Cyrodiil provides a huge battlefield where hundreds of players can join the battle.

    ZeniMax has seen an impressive surge in the number of players in the past few years, and the latest DLC has recently declined on PC. Game console fans are preparing for the arrival of the next few days. Players can buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold online in advance. Now is a good time for new players to join the battle. If MMORPGs are not your speed, you can look forward to another version of Skyrim on November 11. It has the core game and all its add-ons, as well as new content from Creation Club, including new bosses, dungeons, etc.