Silicone Adjuvant Manufacturers Introduces The Use Characterist

  • Silicone adjuvant manufacturers introduces the use skills of potassium methyl siliconate:

    1. Clean the surface of the substrate before use, remove the water, dirt, and other attachments from the base area to be treated. If there are cracks, fill them with putty or cement slurry. The surface of the substrate should be flat and solid, and there should be no hollow drums. , Looseness and other phenomena.
      2. Before construction, slightly moisten the surface of the substrate for absorption.
      3. Dilute to a concentration of 3% or lower when in use. If you need to use a concentration higher than 3%, you must first perform experimental verification. The high concentration will cause the formation of white residue on the waterproof surface.
      4. It can be constructed with rags, sponges, brushes, rollers, and sealed spray guns by soaking, spraying, or brushing. It can also be mixed into concrete for use.
      5. After painting, let the treated surface dry naturally and paint a second time before the surface is dry. If it is used to protect the surface of the stone and ceramic tiles, wipe off excess liquid with a soft cloth before the surface is dry after construction, and keep it free of water for at least 24 hours.