Silicone Water Repellent Suppliers Introduces The Use Of Silico


    Silicone Water Repellent Suppliers introduces the performance of silicone:

    1.Temperature resistance
    Most of the general polymer materials have carbon-carbon bonds as the main chain structure, such as plastics, rubber, chemical fibers, etc., while silicone products have silicon-oxygen bonds as the main chain structure, and the carbon-carbon bond has a bond energy of 82.6 thousand. The bond energy of silicon-oxygen bonds in organic silicon is 121 kcal per gram molecule, so the thermal stability of organic silicon products is high, and the chemical bonds of molecules will not be broken or decomposed under high temperature (or radiation exposure). Silicone is not only resistant to high temperature, but also resistant to low temperature, and can be used in a wide temperature range. Whether it is chemical properties or physical-mechanical properties, the change with temperature is very small, which is also related to the flexible helical structure of silicone molecules.

    2. Weather resistance
    The main chain of organic silicon products is Si-O, and there is no double bond, so it is not easy to be decomposed by ultraviolet light and ozone. In silicone products, the chain length of silicon-oxygen bonds is approximately one and a half times the chain length of carbon-carbon bonds. The longer chain length makes silicone have better thermal stability, radiation resistance, and weather resistance than other polymer materials. The life span of silicone in the natural environment can reach several decades.

    3. Electrical insulation performance
    Silicone products have good electrical insulation properties. Their dielectric loss, voltage resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance, volume resistivity, and surface resistivity are among the best in insulating materials, and their electrical properties are affected by temperature and frequency. The impact is very small. Therefore, they are a kind of stable electrical insulating materials, which are widely used in the electronics and electrical industries. In addition to excellent heat resistance, silicone also has excellent water repellency, which is a guarantee for the high reliability of electrical equipment used in wet conditions.

    4. Physiological inertia
    Polysiloxane compounds are one of the most inactive compounds known. They are very resistant to biological aging, have no rejection reaction with the animal body, and have good anticoagulant properties.