Hexamethyldisiloxane Wholesaler Introduces The Role Of Methyl S


    Methyl silicone oil is used as anti-vibration and damping oil. It is widely used in instruments, buffer dampers, shock buffers, torsional vibration shock absorbers in automobile internal machines, circuit breakers for overload relays, buffer liquids in circuit breakers, ammeters for automobiles and airplanes, speedometers, etc. Shockproof absorbs oil. This product is used as a liquid spring with small volume and light weight, which can withstand great impact in a wide temperature range, and can be used as a vibration absorber for aircraft or missile over-drop gears. Next, Hexamethyldisiloxane Wholesaler introduces the packaging, storage and transportation of methyl silicone oil:

    1. Store and transport as non-dangerous goods.

    2. Packed in 200kg iron-plastic drum and 50kg plastic drum.

    3. It should be stored in a clean, sealed, lead-free or tin alloy container to avoid contact with acids, alkalis and other impurities. Do not touch open flames.

    4. Under the conditions of packaging and storage, the storage period is three years. Products beyond the storage period can be re-inspected and can still be used after being qualified.