Hexamethyldisiloxane Wholesaler Introduces The Role Of Polyethe

  • Hexamethyldisiloxane Wholesaler introduces the performance characteristics of polyether alkyl modified silicone oil

    1. Excellent flexibility, smoothness, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, UV resistance, and low surface tension;
    2. Good hydrophilicity, water absorption and antistatic properties;
    3. Good compatibility with organic materials.

    Use of polyether alkyl modified silicone oil

    1. Used as defoamer in oil phase and water phase system;
    2. Used as a slip, leveling and defoaming agent for various coatings.
    3. Used as an emulsifier for methyl silicone oil, cosmetic base, etc.;
    4. Used as a solubilizer for methyl silicone oil to enhance the compatibility of methyl silicone oil with paraffin, mineral oil and other materials;
    5. Used as an emulsifier for chemical and biological pesticides.
    6. Other unfinished new applications.

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