Silicone Water Repellent : What Are The Advantages


    1. Product features
    1. Green and environmental protection, no trace of penetration, convenient construction, reliable quality and safe use
    2. Moisture proof, mildew proof, corrosion proof, weather proof, waterproof and breathable
    3. No adverse effect on concrete shrinkage
    4. Strong coverage, can cover small cracks
    5. It can be blended and sprayed to meet the needs of different users
    6. Simple construction, low cost, long-lasting waterproof life
    7. Can be directly constructed on wet or dry base surface

    Second, the scope of application
    1. The inner and outer walls of various buildings
    2. Moisture-proof and mildew-proof treatment before interior decoration
    3. Anti-pollution cleaning, anti-weathering, and anti-acid rain treatment of the inner and outer walls of industrial plants
    4. Waterproof works of reservoirs, water towers, reservoirs, sewage treatment plants and agricultural irrigation and drainage channels
    5. Ancient buildings, stone monuments, ceramic tiles, library and archive rooms, precision instrument rooms and computer rooms, electrical rooms, warehouses, etc.

    The building materials treated with    silicone water repellent    retain their vapor permeability. This is because the silicone water repellent  does not seal the holes on the surface of the mineral masonry substrate, but forms a very thin layer on the hole walls. Siliconized pores are no longer wetted by water, and can prevent capillaries from absorbing water. Based on its extensive experience in this field, Silways is regarded as China's leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of silicone water repellents. The water resistance of the product has undergone various rigorous tests to ensure its effectiveness. It is also a professional supplier of    Innovative Silicone   . Welcome to order: