About Mold Release Agent


    The  Mold release agent is an interface coating, which is used on the surface of two objects that are easy to adhere to each other, and if the filler is aluminum hydroxide, the acid release agent can release water during the curing of the mixed material, causing bubbles and cracks Etc. and increase the viscosity of the mixture.

    The    Mold release agent    is adhered to the mold without transferring the workpiece for processing so as not to interfere with paint or other secondary processing operations. The price is not the demoulding effect can be all-inclusive, and is suitable for all molding operations, pultrusion production, if the resistance is too large, and can not find the reason, it is necessary to increase the amount of release agent appropriately.

    Since most liquid mold release agents are acidic, the color changes when acidic pigments are used. When using alkaline fillers such as calcium carbonate, the acidic mold release agent will react with them to increase the viscosity of the mixture, but will not affect the mold release effect. Under different circumstances, the release effect of the efficient release agent is different. Therefore, when using a high-efficiency release agent, you should choose to buy according to your needs, not blindly use.

    The common high-efficiency release agent is canned and easy to use. The common high-efficiency release agent can open the cover, and there will be a safety cap. The nozzle will leak out after the safety cap is removed.

    Alkyl alkyl polysiloxane is the core material of die-casting water-based mold release agent. It provides excellent heat resistance for mold release agent formulations and maintains the function of the formulations during the die casting process. Silway provides  Mold release agent and raw materials for finished products,     agricultural adjuvant      and other products. Our release agent products can effectively protect the mold and improve product productivity, you can rest assured to choose: https://www.silways.com/application/mold-release-agent.html