Accredited ISO certification versus non-accredited: What it mea

  • ISO 27001 Certification in Sri Lanka What is the difference between accredited ISO certification versus and also the plain ISO certification or ISO compliance?.  This is a one of the question that i hear to often.  It might sound like a mere choice of the words, but the difference will have a big impact on the company.

    The Difference Matters

    ISO 27001 Cost in Sri Lanka is an interesting question – not only for companies looking into getting and certified, but also for those companies, and their legal and procurement with certain departments, that may require their vendors and partners to be certified.  This is especially true when ISO compliance is required throughout the whole supply chain.  None of these are wrong or better than one of the another.

    ISO 27001 Consultant in Sri Lanka Knowing the difference could save you valuable time and money and even (potential) customers, as accredited certification can be an expectation or even a legal or contractual requirement.

    ISO 27001 Implementation in Sri Lanka

    ISO Compliant can be a self-proclaimed title, when the company in question has implemented the all requirements to its best ability and it may claims that it is being fully or partially compliant, but it has no independent assurance.

    ISO Certified means that there is an independent certification body that provides written assurance of compliance with the specific ISO standard.

    What does the International Organization for Standardization say?

    • Certification - a written guarantee stating that the management system in scope meets specific requirements provided by an independent body.
    • Accreditation – the recognition and approval of a certification with the body by an independent with an accreditation body, officially recognizing that the certification body works in accordance with international standards.

    ISO 27001 Consulting Services in Sri Lanka Although the ISO organization develops certain standards, they do not certify companies or issue may certificates.  It is also important that, within the ISO organization, there is a “Committee on Conformity Assessments” that will develops the standards.

    Not every standard has accredited certification available

    ISO 27001 Consultant cost in Sri Lanka However, you might be ISO 27001 has certified and under the impression that you are fully compliant with all contractual terms, only to find out that the certification body that assessed your ISO 27001 is based on the Information Security Management System or your vendor’s, was not accredited for this specific certification.


    How to insure yourself

    ISO 27001 Services in Sri Lanka Luckily, this is a relatively easy process, especially with the background information you may have it now. With the following steps:

    1. The “International Accreditation Forum” can maintains a list of all international accreditation bodies that are members of the IAF. This list can be found here in the member list.
    2. Select an accreditation body with the correct scope.


     Our advice, Go for it
     By looking all reason everyone getting how the ISO 27001 certification will help to information security management system. If you are looking to get an ISO 27001 Consultant Services in Sri Lanka?
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