Marrakech desert tours || Marrakech Day trip

  • Marrakech desert tours || Marrakech Day trip

    Marrakech To Essaouira Excursion

    Your day trip to Essaouira from Marrakech starts by an early drive through the tremendous Berber villages passing by the captivating village of Chichaoua and Sidi Mokhtar. We would continue our war through the green Argan trees, and stop in a little women cooperation to understand how the pure Argan oil is being extracted, and how natural cosmetics products are being made mainly with the famous Argan oil. The main destination on our Marrakech excursion would be the charming city Essaouira, where we will explore the beautiful city and its rich history, we will start by a warm local breakfast and the head towards the fishing port of Essaouira,a popular tourist attraction with a significant and old history attached to it. The port represents a tremendous site that the fabulous azure colours that make it worth a visit.

    Next on our Day Trip to Essaouira, we will take you to visit The Skala Kasbah, an epic citadel that was built for defence against attacks from the sea in the time of war. After that, we will get to explore the beautiful Essaouira art galleries scattered in the maze of The Medina passing by its marvellous narrow alleys lined with traditional workshops selling the most impressive handicrafts for us to shop at leisure for some local souvenirs. The most important part of our Marrakech to Essaouira day trip would be tasting the city's famous dishes of sea food, Essaouira is well known of its unique kinds of fish and irresistible plates of sea food. During your Marrakech excursion you would get to discover another hidden beauty in Morocco, where everything is small but very valuable, as the hospitality of the locals as well, every feature of the small city is so beautiful that you would certainly decide to visit regularly.

    Our Day Trip from Marrakech to Essaouira ends in the late evening as we drive you back to your traditional Hotel to finally get your tasty meal for dinner, and spend the night in the cosiest atmosphere.