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  • Casablanca Desert tours || Casablanca Day Trip

    Casablanca To Rabat Excursion

    Morocco excursions offer the Best Days Trips from Casablanca to Rabat to discover the beauty of the Moroccan Capital. We will discover the smooth combination of mother nature and absolute modernity. Our Casablanca to Rabat Day trip starts with picking you up from your fancy luxurious Hotel in Casablanca and start and driving you towards the capital passing by beautiful regions of Casablanca, most of them would be wonderful towns with a charming beach. As soon as we get to Rabat, we will have our tasty breakfast to start a comprehensive tour on the whole city. After a tremendous meal our team would take you to discover all the vital historic landmarks and cultural attractions.

    We will first visit Hassan Tower, the old sandstone mosque tower from the 12th century, however, it was never actually completed. We will also take you to see The Chellah, a medieval fortified city buried in the heart of Rabat giving the best example of Pre-Islamic time. Next on our Day Trip from Casablanca to Fes we would take you to visit Kasbah des Oudaias, the oldest part of Rabat, and a picturesque place with houses and streets that are of a different standard to the rest of the city. All the houses are white and look like they have just been painted with bright blue parapets, the place is a main destination that attracts worldwide tourists all over the year.

    We would be also visiting Royal palaces, mosques and markets. After our lunch in the big city, we would go to discover Andalusian Gardens, the home to the Palace Museum which showcases the beauty and greatness of Moroccan design and architecture. Our Casablanca to Rabat Day Trip would be incomplete till we explore the marvellous King’s Palace, The Old Medina (the beating heart of Rabat), and so many other wonderful destinations in the big city making the perfect mixture of authenticity and modernity at the same time. Your Day trip from Casablanca to Rabat ends in the magnificent city of Casablanca, as we drop you off back at your Hotel after a long day of exploring and excitement.