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    Fes Guided Tours

    If you seek beauty in many forms, through art and architecture, from water views and mountain highs, in its people, its history and culture, The city of Fes is definitely your perfect destination. On your Fes guided tours our professional team will introduce you to every inch of the marvellous city, starting from the core of the ancient Medina to the most modern and fancy places. Today's Fes guided tours will start by picking you up from your Hotel or Riad in one of our most luxurious vehicles, for you to have the best experience. We will begin our tour with a tempting “Fassi” breakfast, as you could taste the beauty of the city in its typical dish of " Khlii " and the mesmerizing Moroccan mint tea. The first visit on our Fes guided tours would be The Famous Royal Palace, you would certainly admire The tremendous blue gates made of copper, marble with colourful small pieces of traditional tiles and multicoloured Mosaic, as in that moment, you will fall in love with the classical Arab architecture. Our next stop would be the magnificent Jewish Quarter AL MALLAH, a very wide square in the centre of the city having all kind of impressive arts and interesting activities.

    Also on our Fes Guided Tours, we would have the chance to explore the oldest historical places and ancient monuments, starting by " Chouara Tannery" the biggest Tannery in Africa, where real leather is being coloured and shaped with all natural materials, we will also visit “Attarrin” Islamic old School, The famous Nejjarrin Museum, Seffarrin, Arms Museum, and also The “Al- Batha” Palace which has been changed to a large museum of arts and Moroccan masterpieces. Afterwards, we would move to the most exciting part of our tour, we will discover together The outstanding Old Medina, one of the world's biggest and oldest Walled cities, where we will go back 12 centuries before and have a deep peak to the way our ancestors used to simply live. We would be wandering through the very narrow streets, loosing ourselves in the endless maze of the windy paths feeling the refreshing winds and admiring the small shops of all types of handmade art pieces and beautifully made Handicraft. At the end of your Fes Guided Tours, we will get you back to your Hotel , where you will be having a lovely evening with an incredibly delicious Tajine.