The World Cup Swaps rewards contain a new item type

  • The World Cup Swaps rewards contain a new item type, new icon type FIFA 23 Coins, and exciting high-rated packs!

    You will want to obtain as many tokens as possible and we have you covered with a full guide to World Cup Swaps tokens.

    World Cup Swaps is a limited-time campaign where FUT users complete objectives to earn tokens. These tokens can be turned in for a ton of high-value rewards!

    How Do I Get World Cup Swaps Tokens?
    To get World Cup Swaps tokens in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, you will need to complete objectives using the new limited-time World Cup items.

    Once you have completed an objective, head to the objectives tab to claim your tokens. You will also receive a free token the first time you log in throughout the campaign!

    How Do I Get World Cup Player Items?
    World Cup player items can be obtained by opening packs! Promo packs in the store will now contain the World Cup Player items along with their usual contents.

    To earn World Cup player items for free buy FUT 23 Coins, you can earn packs by completing certain objectives and milestones in FIFA Ultimate Team.