Diablo Immortal has emerged as the 2022 release

  • A user will require 36 (!) for "awakening Diablo 2 Resurrected Items." instead of just six five-star gems, so they can fulfill their potential.

    "To unlock a gem, the gem must be graded 10 and you must purchase an item that can only be purchased in the cash store for dawning echos, which cost approximately 1000 eternal orbs." ShiftYourCarcass reported that each gem awakening costs $30.

    Consequently, assuming that each 5-star gem costs $15,000 on average, it would take up to $540,000. Additionally, to acquire six sunrise echoes, the player will need to spend approximately $180.

    It is true that "whales" with lower levels of success will be required to pay more (perhaps $1 million?). because in Diablo Immortal, getting five-star gems isn't always guaranteed.

    Diablo Immortal has emerged as the 2022 release with the most controversy to date. It is the lowest-rated Blizzard game on Metacritic, and many people have said that the studio is taking money from its fans. The game's monetization was also criticized by some designers (see this article about predatory pay-to-win mechanics written by Riot producer Juno Blees).

    Despite the controversy, Diablo Immortal continues to bring in money for Blizzard. AppMagic reports that the game made $14.5 million in its first week on mobile cheap d2r items. Its annual revenue is greater than $40 million.