How to perform an ISO 9001 audit of top management without fear

  • Being a junior internal auditor and having to audit the top management is a challenging yet a lifetime opportunity to prove your abilities. Doing what is expected and leaving a good impression is what that’s required to concentrate on.

    Use an objective, fact-based approach. 

     ISO 9001 Certification in Bangalore is being an auditor, it's important to have your approach based on facts, on evidence and not on emotions and feelings. If you are afraid of auditing the top management, it's better to concentrate on the audit and facts, evidence that’s required for the accomplishment of the job assigned to you. 

    Remember that an audit is more about listening than questioning. So, while auditing it's relevant that you as an audit officer, should frame and pass open-ended questions so that the top management gets involved and also express their functioning strategies along with the results that have been obtained. Also, you yourself can do your homework as in to frame questions, expect answers to those questions and kind of interpret the final output.

    Use ISO 9001 as a basis to prepare and perform your audit.

    The following points can be included as a part of the audit for quality purpose;

    • management commitment,
    • context and interested parties,
    • risks and opportunities,
    • customer focus,
    • quality policy,
    • responsibility and authority,
    • internal communication,
    • management review,

    ISO 9001 Consultants in Bangalore  is auditing objectives, performance, and management review, check and stress the importance of effectiveness. Where does top management want to lead the organization? How will they know if they were successful or not? What will they change in the way they do things to get there? What resources are needed? Who is responsible for the change? Is there an action plan? Who monitors execution and performance? Is there any evidence? 

    Use a language that top management understand and care about.

    As an auditor, it's equally important for him/her to use a language that's easily understandable by the officials. Avoid speaking about obsolete documents. Instead, speaking about costs or loss of reputation could be a topic to create concern about. Don’t speak about quality control nonconformities; speak about money losses. Money is a powerful language for top management to understand you, but it is not the only one. They also care about market share, customers lost or gained, margins and differentiation from the competition, and risks to avoid and opportunities to take advantage of.

    So, what if you find nonconformities?  

    On all accounts, being polite and diplomatic while conveying the nonconformities is the only solution. Instead of accounting for the loss, it's better to lead the officials of the top management towards the betterment of the company. To remember, it's important to understand one thing that blaming the top officials is not right, but the right thing is to find the faults as this is an internal audit and work together towards achieving the goals of the company.


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