How to perform checks according to ISO 27001 Certification in I

  • Humans are the most untrusted link in the security of information. So organisations have been trying to educate their employees about security protection. But what if an imcompetent person becomes an employee of the respective organisation. ISO 27001 Certification in Bangalore then, there are many chances that the organisation or company may face a drastic fall in its working.

    Why worry about people before you employ them?

    Talking about people,  means, the employees hired by the company who are assumed to be competent enough, but, what if the person turns out to be untrustful. So, it's very important that the person being appointed should be completely tested and it should also be ensured that they are trustworthy and competent enough.

    What to consider before hiring people?

    ISO 27001 Services in Saudi Arabia an organisation should be very diligent and should select employees in a very choosy manner wherein both trustworthiness and competency should be considered.

    Also to ensure that these checks are very sure, ISO 27001 gives certain guidelines which can be and should be followed;

      • Verifying the accuracy of the applicant's application and documents submitted,
      • Verifying the references,
      • Verifying the truthfulness of the achievements, either personal [academic] or professional [work experience] of the applicant,
      • Verifying the identification of the applicant provided in the application,
    • Verifying whether the applicant's qualification specialises in the requirement of the company;

    Who can perform background checks?

    •  ISO 27001 Certification Cost in India only by authorized and specific people,
    • Not only for new employees, but also for employees who have been promoted to a higher level which requires more specialisations;

    Limitations on background checks.

    As background checks involve intervening of an individual's personal space and information, it may lead to certain unwanted clashes. So the following situations should be taken through with great care;

    • Background checks must be performed in accordance with proper regulations, existing laws, and socially accepted ethics,
    • The background checks must be in relevance and in accordance to what the company or the organisation requires and not just to know everything about the particular applicant,
    • Moreover, the information collected during  background checks must be handled with great care and should also be protected from being leaked or exposed;

    Good background practices mean better security and performance! 

    While hiring someone as an employee of the company,  it's very important that the relevant person according to ISO 27001 rules and regulations is selected because even if the company has good equipments, great resources, and the most highly authorised credentials, yet, if the employees hired are not appropriate, then, all of these best tools will be of no use or importance and can also cause damage for the company.

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