How to Make Management Review More Practical?

  • Under ISO 9001 Certification Cost in Bangalore management review meetings are not at all prescribed to be held. Only the review of the Quality Management System (QMS) by the company’s Top Management must be done at regular intervals to ensure that the objectives of the company are being fulfilled wholeheartedly. Also, the effectiveness of the employees of that particular department can and should be checked.

    What are the required Management Review Inputs? 

    The inputs are as follows;

    • Results of Audits.
    • Customer feedback.
    • Process performance and Product conformity.
    • Status of preventive and Corrective actions.
    • Follow-up actions from previous management reviews.
    • Changes that could affect the Quality Management Review.
    • Recommendations for improvement.

    What are the Required Management Review Outputs?

    •  Improvement of the effectiveness of the system:  The improvements outlined above, if the involvement of Top Management is documented, show that improvement of the quality management system is taking place.   
    •  Improvement of product related to customer requirements:  ISO 9001 Certification Services in India not only makes your product more marketable, and improves customer satisfaction, but also satisfies this requirement for the output of Management Review.   
    • Resource needs: ISO 9001 Certification management is almost always involved in the overall resource planning of a company, in fact, it is one of their most important roles. ISO 9001 Services in Bangalore is all that needs to happen is the documentation of the reasons behind the choices of resources needs to be able to show that the review of Top Management has resulted in this plan.   

    While a Management Review makes it easy for the external auditor to review this requirement, it is not the responsibility of Organization management to make things easy for the auditor, but instead to ensure that their company functions well. Many Organizations that are using a Management Review Meeting normally do so on an annual basis or, at best, quarterly.   

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