What has changed with quality objectives in ISO 9001 Certificat

  • ISO 9001 Certification in Saudi Arabia has included the need for quality objectives to help drive continual improvement in the Quality Management System since the ISO 9001:2000 standard version of the stand was released. ISO 9001 standard the requirements for this important element of the quality management system have not remained the same, and the latest version of the standard has made some changes to how a company must address quality objectives. These are clarifications to how many companies have been successfully using quality objectives for improving their quality management system. 


    Clarifications to writing good quality objectives


    The process to write good quality objectives has not really changed, ISO 9001 Certification has included additional wording that clarifies this process. The ISO 9001 standard simply stated that the documented objectives needed to be measurable, consistent with the quality policy, and established throughout the organization. The latest update of the requirements, there is an additional need to monitor, communicate, and update the objectives. One indirect change that was made was the need to consider the strategic direction of the organization when defining quality objectives. ISO 9001 standard includes the need for the quality policy to be consistent with the strategic direction of the organization. 




    ISO 9001 Consultants in Bangalore requirements for quality objectives is clause 6.2.2, planning to achieve quality objectives. It requirements are something that you should already have in place at your organization. If you have been using quality objectives to drive important improvement activities, then making plans to have this happen only makes sense, and if you have integrated an Environmental Management System  you will also know that planning to achieve environmental objectives has been in place since the release of ISO 14001 Certification. 


    Has anything really changed?


    There are clearly more requirements written in ISO 9001 Certification for quality objectives, many companies will find that there is not really a need to change how their Quality Management System works.  ISO 9001 standard if you have been using your quality objectives to drive continual improvement, including writing the objectives with a clear target and timeline, then the objectives you have will likely meet the requirements of the new standard. 


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