How to demonstrate resource provision in ISO 27001

  • So, it may seem strange that ISO 27001 Certification in Saudi Arabia, the leading ISO standard for implementation of Information Security Management Systems, dedicates in its resource clause only two lines, totaling 23 words, to deal with such a critical subject.  But, appearances may be deceiving. In fact, resource provision requirements are spread all throughout the standard, and this article will show you where to look and what to do to ensure these resources are available to help your Information Security Management Systems protect the information under your organization’s responsibility. 


    ISO 27001 resources clause and examples


    Regarding resources, ISO 27001 Certification requires the definition and provision of what is needed for an Information Security Management Systems life cycle, from its implementation to its continual improvement. But, what is needed? Since this standard makes use of the process approach, you can think of resources in terms of:

    • capital: 

    There is no security for free; investments will need to be made.

    • facilities: 

    An organization’s physical environment needs to be prepared to offer security levels proportional to the risk an organization is exposed to.

    • equipment: 

    Equipment support can provide better defenses, and detection and reaction capabilities, enhancing security levels.

    • people: 

    While security for the majority of an organization’s employees will be a tool to achieve their business objectives, you will need to consider people to assume responsibilities to take care of that tool. ISO 27001 standard is related to levels of skill, education, or experience required for proper security, and not the number of people needed. 


    Organizational roles, responsibilities, and authorities


    A company formally designates people  who will have to think, plan, and act to ensure information security is implemented as required and is achieving the expected outcomes. 


    Risk treatment plans


    ISO 27001 Consultants in Bangalore requires that for the risks deemed unacceptable, treatment plans must be formulated, basically defining which security controls you need to implement, who is responsible for them, what are the deadlines, and which resources are required.  And, while controls like a clear desk and clear screen will rely mostly on policy definition and training efforts, controls involving access control and backup will also require equipment and facilities. 


    Plans to achieve information security objectives


    While the plans mentioned in the previous section specifically cover how to bring risks to acceptable levels, plans to achieve information security objectives defined in clause 6.2 also define the provision of resources required by the Information Security Management Systems.


    Resources for performance evaluation


    ISO 27001 standard requires resources to be defined for the measurement, monitoring, analysis, and evaluation of the controls’ effectiveness, as well as for performing audits for impartial verification of implementation and maintenance of the  Information Security Management Systems in compliance with the standard’s and the organization’s requirements. 


    Our advice, Go for it

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