Which security clauses to use for supplier agreements?

  • 6-step process for handling supplier security according to ISO 27001 we presented an overview of an ISO 27001 Certification in Saudi Arabia based process to manage suppliers’ security. ISO 27001 Standard will detail some security clauses you should seriously consider in supplier contracts to ensure proper protection of aspects of your business operations that are under suppliers’ control.  


    Why include security clauses in outsourcing contracts?


    ISO 27001 is security should be considered deliverable, just like any other product or service an organization expects from its supplier. When an organization runs a process to deliver products or services to its client, and adopt best practices like ISO 9001 standard or ISO 27001 standard, it defines controls to ensure the process is performed with minimized risks to achieve established requirements. Company decides that outsourcing is a better cost-benefit option, it should not only consider the product or service to be delivered, but also ensure that related processes are properly implemented and controlled by means of security clauses, and most times this is not done, or verified, properly.


    Security clauses to handle outsourcing risks


    ISO 27001 standard to ensure that the benefits of outsourcing operations outweigh the risks of including providers in the scenario, contracts should be written properly,  control A.15.1.2 requires an organization to consider security clauses in contracts. Some examples of security clauses are:


    Right to audit: 


    ISO 27001 clause ensuring the organization has the right to audit and test the security controls periodically, or upon significant changes to the relationship.


    Notification about security breaches: 


    It clauses requiring the provider to inform the companies in a timely manner regarding any security breaches that may impact the companies business. ISO 27001 Standard is related to data breach notification laws that affect either the organization or the provider, or both. 


    Adherence to security practices:


    ISO 27001 Consultants in Bangalore  clause requiring the provider to adhere to the organization’s security practices, and to communicate any situations where this adherence is not achievable, helping to prevent security gaps or conflicts that could impair security performance.


    Communication of changes: 


    ISO 27001 Standard is requiring the provider to inform the companies in a timely manner regarding changes in its environment that may impact the company's business.


    Demonstration of compliance: 


    ISO 27001 Certification is requiring the provider to provide independent evidence that its operations and controls comply with contractual requirements. This can be achieved, for example, by a third-party audit agreed upon by the provider and the organization.


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