• In most of the organisations, change in any system is pursued by the higher authority but the employees are the one’s who are completely unaware as well as not comfortable, of course. These employees at times not only fear but also find these changes an obstruction in their existing roles. In this way, they even cause certain unwanted failures. Also, with internal buy-in being a key factor in project failure, how is it possible to gain the belief of the employees? 



    There are certain ways in which people can be managed as well as bought together for a particular motive. That’s just that, they need to be told about the positive outcomes of the implementation of INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (ISMS). The benefits which could be helpful to get employees on board with the changes required after the implementation of ISO 27001 Certification in Bangalore  are; increased organisational stability, decreased risk of business disruption, better market positions, and so on.

    The following points could be of great help while pursuing employees towards adapting changes:

    1) Providing training and awareness sessions to explain the benefits that the implementation of ISO 27001 will introduce,

    2) Involving the staff of the various departments in the development of the Information Security Management System Controls could be really helpful because these are the people who do their jobs day in and day out, and therefore knowing them the best could be surprising as there would be a lot that would have been missed.

    3) Employees value transparency during time of change so allowing questions and doubts from their side and making sure that they are answered or cleared is a necessity or else interest and participation of the employees will automatically decrease.

    4) Making this process a fun and lively one could be the best that you as a lead could possibly think of.



    Participation is very crucial for the success of ISO 27001 Implementation in Bangalore. So, employees must be made aware about the disastrous outcome of their non- participation. Also, the guidelines and expectations must be clearly explained and communicated to avoid confusion. The following ways can be used to attain internal buy-in throughout the organisation;

    1) Having a well-defined procedure, and ensuring that it is directly linked to the functioning of the ISMS,

    2) Ensuring that the employees have understood the guidelines properly. In this way they will also feel the importance of the work that they have expected to do and will take it in a team spirit,

    3) Avoiding ambiguity is the most important task, wherein being clear to the employees on what is expected is must for required results.



    It’s expected that the senior management should be implementing the Information Security Management System but there are other day-to-day roles and other additions in their roles which stop the senior officials from being active at a large part. 

    The following ways can be utilised and internal buy-in can be assured;

    1) The senior management team should be convinced for the implementation and there should also be an implementation project sponsor appointed.

    2) There should be special training sessions for the senior management officials regarding their attitude and behaviour towards the implementation. They should also be pursued to have themselves in encouraging the system and accepting changes.

    3) There should be communication on a serious level as communication is crucial and required. Momentum has to be maintained throughout the firm by the higher management officials. 



    Most importantly, taking employees with you on the journey rather than giving orders could be a much effective way to ensure internal buy-in throughout the organisation. Remembering that people don’t like changes it’s better that good communication and great behaviour is maintained throughout the senior officials.


    Our advice, Go for it

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