Artwork in Animal Crossing

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons art has been in the game for more than a week now, and Animal Crossing Items players are noticing that the forgeries may be even more interesting than the authentic ones.

    The only reliable way to acquire art in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is by heading up to Redd's rusty fishing trawler/art gallery and taking your pick of his current selection. Redd has no problem with crossing-items selling counterfeits alongside the genuine article, and he's also a strong believer in the principle of "buyer beware" - in this case, by inspecting each piece of art thoroughly to make sure it's identical to its real-world counterpart.


    Up until now, I'd only fixated on those little visual tells: the Mona Lisa's non-existent eyebrows, a terra cotta soldier's anachronistic shovel, the Girl with a Pearl Earring keeping her eyes closed. But as Twitter users are rapidly finding out, it gets a lot weirder. Reader beware: scary-ass painting. They aren't all so overtly creepy. Some of the fake paintings just have Animal Crossing Bells odd things on their back like somebody's lost key:

    Some of the forged artwork even exhibits special behavior when you interact with it, like this faux ancient Japanese sculpture that floats into the air like a damn alien artifact.


    While you'll need to sniff out the authentic art pieces to complete your museum crossing-bells collection, now I'm tempted to put that goal on the back burner and start filling my entire town with freaky counterfeits. Just make my entire town as haunted by fake art as possible. Do you think my neighbors would mind? Haha, nevermind, I'm the resident representative - I can do whatever I want!