Medical Mould-How To Extend: Injection Mould Life

  • With the continuous improvement of the degree of automation of mould machining, the manufacturing of injection moulds has changed from 50% manual processing to today's fully automatic mechanized processing. The stage of real fitter work is less than 20%. The obvious effect is the accuracy of injection mould parts processing To improve and improve the processing efficiency of manufacturing, the current status of injection moulds is becoming more and more widely used.
    However, at present in many mould manufacturing enterprises in China, the processing accuracy of mould parts is improved, but there is still a certain shortcoming in the maintenance of the accuracy of the use of injection moulds, that is, the service life, and the maintenance of the overall accuracy of the mould is uneven. Compared with foreign precision moulds, it is still relatively low. The main influencing factors involve many aspects and links, such as the rational design of the mould structure, the rationality of the processing technology, the rationality of the positioning structure, etc., the mould processing accuracy and the overall assembly accuracy Insufficient retention will not only affect the quality of the product, but also increase the wear of the mould parts and reduce the service life of the mould, which seriously affects the competitiveness of the product.
    Practical experience shows that the stability of mould parts processing accuracy and use accuracy are directly related to the following factors: unreasonable mould structure design, inappropriate selection of mould steel and accessories, improper heat treatment process of mould parts, and inadequate machining process Reasonable, poor mould lubrication, processing and manufacturing and poor technical capabilities of injection moulding equipment are related.


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