Use PMS to Reduce Errors in your Design Draft

  • When making the cosmetic packaging box, can you be sure that the printed color can be consistent with the color you selected in advance by using the colors in the Pantone color card?

    The two most common printing methods in the production of packaging boxes are four-color printing and spot-color printing. Four-color printing is to color the four standard colors: C = cyan, M = magenta, Y = yellow, and K = black during printing. Four-color printing can only copy the colors in the design artwork to the printing surface of the packaging box to the greatest extent.

    Spot color printing is to adjust the color number of the color before printing, which can restore the color in the design drawing 1:1.

    The colors in the Pantone color card are spot colors. Compared with CMYK, spot color printing has almost no color difference compared with design drawings, but the flexibility of spot color printing is slightly worse than that of four-color printing, so it is not particularly suitable for gradual color printing.

    On the surface, PMS is a simple color matching system, but its impact on the packaging production industry is obvious. Customizing the product packaging box through the color number in the PMS can provide you with the highest quality color and accurate color matching so that the color in the packaging design drawing can be 1:1 transferred to the printed surface of the packaging box.

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