Escape from Tarkov has teased cultists for a long term now

  • Escape from Tarkov has teased cultists for a long term now. On almost each map, players are susceptible to come upon a few evidence of cultist pastime. Marked Rooms, blanketed in occult scratchings and summoning circles, have lengthy been hotspots for good loot. Players may need to EFT Roubles rethink night raids to these regions, although, now that there can be a cultist patrol hiding simply out of sight, expecting an unlucky victim to turn their lower back.

    It's vital to recognize where Escape from Tarkov's new cultists are in all likelihood to spawn. While statistics remains coming in, the oldsters over at the GamePedia Escape from Tarkov Wiki have compiled the places and instances gamers are more likely to look this new hazard than others. Cultists handiest appear at some point of midnight raids (or raids that start at night and stretch on into the day).

    The high time for spotting and hunting cultists is between 23:00 and five:00, consistent with the Wiki, so it is great to prepare a efficient loadout for  Tarkov's night time raids. The specific percent risk for cultists to spawn in a raid stages from 20% and 28%, relying on the map.