The filling fluid suppresses the vibration that occurs, thereby

  •   Glycerine-filled pressure gauge is used for applications involving high dynamic shock and vibration loads. The filling fluid suppresses the vibration that occurs, thereby reducing the load on the mechanical parts of the pressure gauge.

      Use of filling fluid

      Depending on the operating conditions, glycerin-water mixtures or silicone oils are the most commonly used filling liquids. Glycerin-water is suitable for most applications and ambient temperatures. Especially for the low-pressure range, it makes sense to use it because the density of the liquid is low and the associated resistance on the pressure element is low. When a Glycerine-filled pressure gauge is exposed to extremely high (> +60 °C) or very low (< -20 °C) temperatures, it mainly relies on silicone oil.

      The shell of the Glycerine-filled pressure gauge is not completely filled, because depending on the humidity and ambient temperature, the filling medium will absorb additional moisture and expand accordingly. In order to provide enough space for this expansion and prevent the shell from leaking, the shell is only filled to 80%-90% by default

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