Low Pressure Gauge Is Suitable For Measuring Liquid And Gas Pre

  •   Type of pressure gauge according to application

      1. Commercial and industrial shock-proof pressure gauge—Commercial shock-proof pressure gauge is a general-purpose pressure measuring instrument commonly used for heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and refrigeration. Industrial pressure gauges are suitable for production processes that do not block pressure systems. Industrial instruments are suitable for manufacturing, OEM applications, hydraulics, water treatment, and reverse osmosis industries.

      2. Process pressure gauges-Process pressure gauges can be safely used in industries where the production process is operated under extreme conditions, subjected to vibration, pressure spikes, and corrosive environments (such as certain areas of the petrochemical and other chemical industries).

      3. Low-pressure gauge-suitable for measuring liquid and gas pressure, provided that they will not interfere with its function. Low-pressure meters are usually required for the construction process of factories, pneumatic systems, and clean rooms.

      4. Sealing gauges – These gauges are used to seal potential leak paths and are used in various industrial applications to meet material compatibility requirements, viscous applications, corrosive chemicals, vibration, hygiene, and pharmaceutical requirements.

      5. High-precision testers – These testers are ideal for processes that require precise calibration in a test laboratory.

      6. Duplex pressure gauge-This is a differential pressure gauge that can work in extreme environments and measure the difference between two applied pressures. This is sometimes required in the refrigeration, fuel, chemical, and air handling industries.

      Choose the right pressure gauge

      Factors such as the required accuracy level, the appropriate dial size to ensure readability, the durability of the material to the kit environment and process conditions, the available installation options, the range of pressure that can be measured and the type of pressure to be measured, determine which The pressure gauge is correct for your use. If the manufacturer you choose will provide you with a variety of gauges, then choosing the right gauge will be a simple process.