The shovel in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  • The shovel is one of the necessary tools in the weapon arsenal in Animal Crossing. Fishing rods, fishing nets, and axes are the main helpers for players in the game. Obtaining a shovel, using it to create wealth for yourself, and obtaining the basic materials for making items is one of the fun players can experience. Let's see how to get a shovel!

    Give five bugs or fish to Tom Nook

    After the first sleep within the island, something Tom Nook can provide is a DIY Workshop, which is a step towards unlocking your full crafting potential. Head over to the Residents' Services, complete the workshop, and you'll be able to craft your own flimsy net and flimsy fly rod. Tom Nook will casually mention that he'd "love to determine anything you catch. I'm quite interested in the local fauna". Don't dismiss this as gentle curiosity, as you quickly provide him with five specimens of either the bug or fish persuasion-or perhaps a mix of both in case you so wish. It is equivalent to losing some ACNH Bells, but everything is worth it.

    When you've given over five fish or bugs, he'll get yourself a call from Blathers-the long-running director of most Animal Crossing museums. Now, as it turns out, he would like to open the latest museum with your very island. He will be your favorite villager.

    Reserve space for Blathers' tent
    Like with your personal tent, and people of islanders, Tom Nook provides you with a tent kit for Blathers. You'll need to go out into the world and find a location that you'd like for him-and at last where the museum will sit. Using Nook Miles Tickets to attend other islands to discover what other people are doing can be feasible.

    Pay checking out the Blathers as part of his tent

    As would be the way with Animal Crossing titles, you cannot rush anything. So to enable Blathers to reach you, you must wait until the following real-world day. When Blathers arrives check out his tent. He'll be inside, ready and waiting to go to you. Turns out he needs your help gather enough exhibits to spread out a proper museum for the island – this includes fossils. Thankfully he recognizes that you can not currently discover any fossils with no shovel, so he will give you the recipe for starters along with the recipe to the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons vaulting pole.

    All that's left to complete is visit Residents' Services and craft them both. You'll need five waste hardwood so that you can craft the shovel and five bits of softwood for your vaulting pole. If you don't currently have enough of either, go around your island colliding with some trees along with your flimsy ax.

    Are you ready to make your own shovel? Buy Animal Crossing Bells is more of a choice for old players, and it is also helpful for new players. More game content is waiting for you to explore.