Mastering Mordekaiser: Dominate the Rift with the Iron Revenant

  • Lore and Background
    Once a mortal man, Mordekaiser was consumed by the darkness of the Shadow Isles and transformed into a brutal warlord wielding dark magic and boundless ambition. He seeks to conquer not only the living world but also the afterlife itself, commanding legions of undead warriors to do his bidding. Mordekaiser's terrifying presence strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies as he marches ever closer to his ultimate goal: absolute dominion over life and death. When you embark on your journey, mmowow items can lend a helping hand when you need help.

    Champion Role and Playstyle
    Mordekaiser is a juggernaut champion, specializing in sustained damage, crowd control, and survivability. His playstyle revolves around getting up close and personal with enemies, soaking up damage, and dealing massive damage in return.

    Skills and Abilities
    Passive - Darkness Rise

    Mordekaiser's basic attacks and abilities deal bonus magic damage and grant him a temporary shield.
    Q - Obliterate

    Swings his mace in a cone, dealing damage to all enemies hit. Deals bonus damage if only one enemy is struck.
    W - Indestructible

    Consumes a portion of his current health to create a shield that absorbs damage. Damage dealt while the shield is active charges it up further.
    E - Death's Grasp

    Pulls enemies towards him in a targeted area, dealing magic damage and slowing them.
    R - Realm of Death

    Selects a single enemy champion and drags them into the Death Realm, temporarily isolating them from their allies. While in the Death Realm, Mordekaiser gains bonus stats against his target.
    Skill Order and Playstyle
    Skill Priority: R > Q > W > E
    Maxing Q (Obliterate) first provides significant damage for trading and wave clear.
    W (Indestructible) is maxed next for increased survivability in fights.
    E (Death's Grasp) is maxed last but taken at level 3 for utility and additional damage.
    Keystone Rune: Conqueror
    Provides bonus damage and healing after stacking up damage on enemy champions.
    Precision Tree:
    Triumph: Grants extra health and gold on takedowns, enhancing survivability and gold income.
    Legend: Tenacity: Reduces the duration of crowd control effects, aiding in Mordekaiser's ability to stick to targets.
    Last Stand: Increases damage when low on health, synergizing with Mordekaiser's tackiness.
    Secondary Tree (Resolve):
    Demolish: Helps with turret pushing, capitalizing on Mordekaiser's ability to tank tower shots.
    Second Wind: Provides health regeneration when damaged, improving sustain in lane.
    Item Build
    Starting Items:

    Doran's Shield: Provides health, health regeneration, and damage reduction, aiding in Mordekaiser's early-game survivability.
    Health Potions: For sustain in the lane.

    Core Items:

    Liandry's Anguish: Offers ability power, health, and burn damage, amplifying Mordekaiser's damage over time.
    Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Grant's ability power, health, and a slow on spell hit, improving Mordekaiser's ability to stick to targets.
    Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads: Depending on the enemy team composition, choose between armor or magic resistance and tenacity.

    Situational Items:

    Dead Man's Plate: Provides armor, health, and movement speed, enhancing Mordekaiser's mobility and tackiness.
    Sterak's Gage: Grant's health and a shield when taking burst damage, increasing survivability in team fights.
    Spirit Visage: Offers magic resistance, health, and increased healing from abilities, synergizing well with Mordekaiser's kit.

    Playstyle and Tips
    Early Game:

    Focus on farming and trading with Q when the enemy laner gets too close.
    Use W to sustain through trades and mitigate damage.
    Avoid extended trades without your shield active.
    Mid Game:

    Push lanes and rotate to help secure objectives like Dragon or Rift Herald.
    Look for opportunities to catch out enemies with E and engage in fights with R.
    Late Game:

    Lead the charge in team fights, soaking up damage with W and dealing massive damage with Q and R.
    Focus on isolating high-priority targets with R to give your team an advantage in fights.

    Combos and Techniques
    Standard Combo:

    R (Realm of Death) to isolate a target.
    E (Death's Grasp) to pull them in.
    Q (Obliterate) for damage.
    Use W (Indestructible) to soak up damage as needed.

    Tower Dive Combo:

    Ensure your W shield is up.
    Dive under the tower with R.
    Use E to pull the enemy towards you.
    Follow up with Q for damage.

    Recommended Team Compositions
    Engage Comps:

    Pair Mordekaiser with initiators like Malphite or Leona who can lock down enemies, allowing Mordekaiser to deal damage uninterrupted.
    Peel Comps:

    Supports like Thresh or Janna excel at protecting Mordekaiser and keeping enemies at bay, allowing him to wreak havoc in team fights.
    Poke Comps:

    Champions like Xerath or Ezreal can soften enemies before Mordekaiser engages with his sustained damage.

    Facing Fiora in League of Legends: Strategic Insights
    Early Game (Laning Phase)
    Positioning and Trading:

    Fiora excels in 1v1 duels due to her mobility and true damage from Q (Lunge) and E (Bladework). Keep your distance and avoid extended trades.
    Use Mordekaiser's Q (Obliterate) to farm safely and harass Fiora when she goes for CS.

    Wave Management:

    Freeze the wave near your tower to deny Fiora opportunities to all in you. Punish her with Q and E (Death's Grasp) if she overextends.

    Use W (Indestructible) to absorb damage and sustain through Fiora's burst. Save it for when she commits to a trade or all-in.
    Mid Game

    Split Push Pressure:

    Fiora is a strong split pusher. Push waves quickly with Q and W to force her to respond to your pressure, giving your team opportunities to make plays elsewhere on the map.

    Roaming and Objectives:

    Roam with your team to secure objectives like Dragon or Herald. Use your advantage in team fights to secure objectives while Fiora is occupied.
    Late Game

    Team Fight Presence:

    Fiora's effectiveness in team fights diminishes compared to split pushing. Look to engage in 5v4 fights or force objectives while she's in a side lane.
    Use R (Realm of Death) to isolate enemy carries and swing fights in your team's favor.

    Peeling and Protecting Carries:

    Peel for your carries with E and R, preventing Fiora from reaching them. Prioritize protecting high-value targets like your ADC.

    Handling Fiora in Team Fights
    Fiora excels in picking off isolated targets. Counter her by:
    Sticking with your team: Force team fights where her split pushing becomes less effective.
    Using crowd control: Lock her down with E and R, preventing her from freely engaging on your carries.
    Baiting her Riposte: Fake a spell cast to bait out her W (Riposte), then follow up with your abilities once it's on cooldown.

    Why Mordekaiser is a Suitable Champion for Players
    Simplicity and Power:

    Mordekaiser's kit is straightforward, making him easy to pick up for new players while still offering significant impact in fights.
    His sustained damage and survivability make him a potent force in all stages of the game.

    Mordekaiser can flex between different roles and playstyles, excelling in both solo lanes and team fights.
    His ability to isolate enemy carries with R makes him a strong pick for coordinated team play. However, when some players choose to explore further and become familiar with a certain hero, some players will choose lol items.

    Engaging Playstyle:

    Mordekaiser's aggressive playstyle rewards players who enjoy diving into the fray and soaking up damage while dealing significant damage in return.
    His ultimate, R (Realm of Death), provides opportunities to turn the tide of team fights by isolating key targets.

    Strengths and Weaknesses of Mordekaiser

    Sustained Damage: Mordekaiser's abilities allow him to dish out consistent damage over extended fights.
    Survivability: His shield from W and lifestyle from items make him durable in fights.
    Objective Control: With his ultimate, Mordekaiser can secure neutral objectives like Dragon or Baron by dragging an enemy into the Death Realm.

    Mobility: Mordekaiser lacks mobility, making him vulnerable to kiting and crowd control.
    Reliance on Ultimate: His ultimate, while powerful, is on a long cooldown and must be used strategically.
    Situational Builds: Itemization is crucial for Mordekaiser, and he can struggle if countered by items like Grievous Wounds.
    Practical Tips and Techniques for Playing Mordekaiser
    Positioning: Stay at the frontline in team fights, soaking up damage with W while dishing out damage with Q and E.

    Target Selection: Use R to isolate priority targets like enemy carriers, removing them from the fight and giving your team an advantage.
    Split Pushing: If ahead, utilize your strong dueling potential to split push and pressure multiple lanes simultaneously.
    Cooldown Management: Keep track of your abilities' cooldowns, especially W and R, as they can swing fights when used effectively.

    Mordekaiser's straightforward yet impactful playstyle makes him an excellent choice for players looking for a powerful and engaging champion. His ability to dish out sustained damage, control objectives, and turn the tide of team fights with his ultimate makes him a versatile pick in any team composition. By understanding his strengths and weaknesses, mastering his abilities, and making strategic decisions in fights and on the map, players can wield the Iron Revenant to crush their enemies and lead their team to victory on the Fields of Justice.