Animal Crossing Items feather shades

  • Run around your island and seize one of a kind Animal Crossing Items feather shades (pink, inexperienced, crimson, blue) with your bug net. You also can wear a feather in case you pick it out of your stock.

    Talk in your villagers and spot what feathers they have. You might be capable of change the feathers you've got for a shade you don't have.

    Craft a Rainbow Feather at a DIY station using one red, one green, one purple, and one blue feather.

    Give the Rainbow Feather to Pavé and he will come up with a rainbow Festivale item. Continue to give him Rainbow Feathers to get the rest of the rainbow set. There are 9 one of a kind items in general.

    Once you have got all 9 rainbow Festivale gadgets, craft 3 rainbow feathers and deliver them to Pavé. He'll do an brilliant dance after which provide you with the Festivale Float.

    If you provide Pavé 3 feathers of the identical color, he'll come up with a random Festivale object in that same colour. For example, if I gave him 3 purple feathers, he would possibly supply me the crimson Festivale Drum. You can maintain to acquire each Festivale item shade variation by way of doing this.

    If you need something extra to do after that, you may hold to LOLGA.COM capture feathers after which craft rainbow feathers. Timmy and Tommy Nook will provide you with 1,600 Bells for every Rainbow Feather you sell them at Nook's Cranny. The different feathers promote for 200 Bells every.