Kitchen Pvc Skirting Board and lintel board do not need sanding

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      Whether you are a house builder with a major project, a housing association managing a large number of properties, or a homeowner redecorating one or two rooms, Kitchen Pvc Skirting Board is the ultimate worry-free solution. Therefore, if you want to drastically shorten the installation time and eliminate the hassle of maintenance, then nothing more!

      Using the easy-to-install Kitchen Pvc Skirting Board, multiple skirting boards can be simply plugged together-the pre-formed corner pieces mean no miter joints are required. The Kitchen Pvc Skirting Board is glued in place with ready-made adhesives, no nails or screws are needed. By saving all the time spent installing and painting traditional wood, your job completion speed will increase by 50%.

      A simple slot connection system simply glues the outer and inner corner pieces in place, and you can install it easily and effortlessly.

      If you are a homeowner, we don’t need to tell you how time-consuming and awkward it is to sand and paint skirting boards and lintels. With Kitchen Pvc Skirting Board, you will never have to do this work again. More importantly, your skirting board and lintel will stay clean and fresh for life. Just wipe off any traces or stains in a few seconds to make your room decoration look as good as it was on the day of installation.

      The Kitchen Pvc Skirting Board and fascia board do not require sanding, painting, or treatment-not only during installation, but also throughout its use. This means that tedious and messy redecorating is no longer needed to make your skirting and fascia look bright and fresh year after year. The Kitchen Pvc Skirting Board is equipped with a discreet rubber gasket on the bottom edge to reduce airflow and help you save energy.

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