Before we start, if you are also painting the door, you should

  •   How to paint the Decorative Door Frame

      Before we start, if you are also painting the door, you should make the frame first. This will ensure that you will not leave any paint on the newly painted door.

      You can also choose to paint the frame in any desired color-it doesn't have to be the same as the door. Painting the frame with contrasting colors on the wall will make it stand out. However, you can paint them in the same color as the walls and doors to help them blend. If your room is narrow, with many doors, low ceilings, or small rooms, just paint the frame to blend it.

      You first need to protect the area around the door frame. Use masking tape or decorative tape around the door frame and protect the wall from paint. Put a piece of dustproof paper on the floor, and then wedge the door open so that you can reach the entire frame, the Decorative Door Frame.

      Dust the door frame to ensure that you enter all the gaps including the latch space. You don't want dust to damage the finish, so keep the door vertical in the door frame.

      Use sugar soap to clean the frame and remove dirt and grease. A clean door frame means that the paint will stick together better for a uniform surface effect.

      If there is old peeling paint on the door frame, use a flat scraper to remove it. If the paint does not peel off, please lightly sand the entire door frame to make the paint surface smooth.

      Finally, wipe the door frame to remove excess dust and dry it.

      Finally, cover the hinge of the door with tape, and then unscrew the metal latch in the door frame.

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