The Reason Why Pvc Expansion Sheet Is Much Better Than Plywood

  •   The reason why PVC Expansion Sheet is so much better than plywood is that it is our safe place to go home during holidays, and in terms of interior design, we only hope to do our best in all aspects.

      Within the family, there are many things worth discussing, each with its own pros and cons.

      PVC Expansion Sheet and plywood are good examples. When people use PVC on plywood, people are often confused. This is the basic difference between PVC and plywood. Can we use PVC instead of plywood in home interior decoration?

      The difference between PVC Expansion Sheet and plywood:

      PVC Expansion Sheet:

      PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is a thermoplastic material that is made by the polymerization of vinyl chloride.

      Polyvinyl chloride has many uses, and its use depends on the amount of plasticizer added.


      Plywood is plywood formed by gluing thin layers of wood veneers or piles of wood veneers together. Plywood has a wide variety according to its durability and use and can be used very effectively in home interiors.

      Use PVC instead of plywood:

      Polyvinyl chloride can be a good choice for home interior decoration due to its wide range of uses and cost-effectiveness. Usually, people choose the plywood option for home interiors because they know that plywood is a good choice for interior design, but plywood has some major disadvantages, such as:

      Depending on the grade of the layer, some of them may not be suitable for wet areas or areas where water is used.

      High maintenance.

      Due to the chance of termites, their durability is not long enough to last for many years.

      However, it can solve all these problems very effectively and is not as expensive as plywood. This is the advantage of using PVC instead of plywood.

      The PVC of Skirting Board Manufacturers is extremely durable, which means it will last for many years.

      Compared with plywood, maintenance costs are very low, thus saving maintenance costs.

      It is a good choice to use in the kitchen and bathroom, because it has a high heat resistance and moisture resistance, and will not cause problems like termites in plywood, and it also provides you with a hygienic choice.

      Cost-effectiveness is another advantage of PVC over plywood because it puts less pressure on your pockets than plywood.