Do You Like This Adjustable Leg?

  •   Adjustable Leg has counters, bars, tables, and custom heights to choose from. A round shape with a diameter of 3 inches, a stainless steel adjustable single leg, a 7-inch square steel top plate, and metal decorative feet-suitable for heavy granite countertops. These table legs have adjustable feet, 304 stainless steel construction, and a solid 3-inch diameter, which are ideal for the foodservice and healthcare industries. Its rust-free construction also makes it ideal for demanding outdoor applications. Provide optional floor bolt plate.

      304 stainless steel structure, suitable for food and sanitation industries

      3" round diameter

      Provide optional floor bolt plate (no adjustment)

      Steel top plate is 6.5 inches x 6.5 inches with two 8mm bolts

      The top plate is 0.16 inches or 4 mm thick, with 8 screw holes (0.24 inches or 6 mm diameter)

      The height of the leg is 1/2 inch, and the chrome coating on the polyethylene foot is adjustable

      The diameter of the foot is 2 3/4 inches and the thread is 10 mm

      The table legs can be cut into customized lengths (additional fees are required)

      The rated vertical load of this table leg is 330 pounds

      These legs are very easy to install (screw not included)

      Single stainless steel table leg price

      Most of our legs are imported and can be shipped on our shelf. The custom height means that we can reduce the longer stock leg to the desired height by shortening it. For example: if you need a leg that is 29 inches long, please choose a leg with a counter height of 34 inches and we can cut it for you. If you need a 36 1/4 inch high leg, please choose a 40-inch high strip leg, we cut it into 36 1/4 inch high. The feet are always compressed and can be adjusted to increase height.