Trends In Modern Design Of Skirting Boards

  •     Another common reason why people choose to add baseboards to their homes is that they offer unparalleled features and enhanced design possibilities. Dating back to Victorian England, baseboards aren't just for keeping big houses warm. In addition to being trapped in the heat, these artistic woodwork pieces are used to suit the home's grand design.

        Since then, skirting boards have been a key feature in homes around the world. Adding classic elegance and stylish finishes, skirting manufacturers are able to create skirting in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to suit every property.

        Some of the newest and most popular ways to style them at home include:

    1. Timeless two-layer engraving, classic white
    2. Gorgeous woodworking design, adding a retro atmosphere
    3. Simple carving and bright colors

        One of the most obvious but important functions of skirting boards is to seal the gap between the plaster and the floor. In homes without baseboards, the wall will often have a blunt end where the plaster is finished, leaving a small gap to prevent moisture from the ground from reaching the plasterboard. While this gap in modern homes doesn't do much harm, it can often be dazzling for those who prefer smoother finishes.

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