Baseboards Are Popular

  •     In public or commercial areas, whether indoors or out, the world of baseboards is vast, offering endless materials to meet every need, each with a specific function that makes it unique and suitable for a specific environment. Let's take a look at the most common materials:

        Aluminum Skirting Board

        Aluminum baseboards are the perfect combination of quality and aesthetics. Its high machinability makes it possible to create a variety of different shapes and thicknesses. Its properties also make it an excellent material for outdoor use, and its chemical composition allows it to be customized in endless colors, finishes, and processes.

        Durable stainless steel baseboards

        Stainless steel is a material that is resistant to chemicals and environmental agents, which is why it is used for baseboards primarily in public and commercial areas that require frequent and more invasive cleaning procedures. Recommended for use in high humidity areas. Its finishes often include polished, brushed, or sanded.

        Functional and economical PVC skirting

        If you want a product that is both functional and economical, PVC or plastic baseboards are the perfect solutions. The material is resistant to mold and moisture, as well as chemicals used for cleaning, and is self-extinguishing and wear-resistant over time. PVC baseboards also come in an endless range of colors, making them versatile and customizable as needed. Discover our PVC baseboards.

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