About Skirting Boards, I Know

  •     Skirting boards, whether made of aluminum or MDF Wood boards, serve the same purpose. As part of the floor finishing process, it is designed to protect floors and walls from corner damage while giving floors an elegant finish.

       Every plank, carpet, or parquet needs an aesthetically pleasing finish, and skirting boards provide just that. Baseboards are the finishing touch to any floor, no matter what it's made of, and should be considered when refinishing hardwood floors. Skirting boards are suitable for floors covered with panels, PVC coverings, and even tiles.

       In addition to being attractive, skirting boards must also be functional. A relatively durable baseboard must be used, as the baseboard must protect the seam between the wall and the floor. It's worth using wide baseboards or metal lines, as long as it doesn't compromise the aesthetics of the interior.

       How to choose a good skirting board? The specific skirting board should match the width of the expansion gap. Otherwise, there is no point in buying skirting boards. Keep in mind that skirting boards may also have other functions, such as hiding cables. When preparing to buy baseboards, it is recommended to consider whether you need to use baseboards that cover the wires.

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