Cabinet design remodel is not as easy as you think

  •   Changing the floor height of an existing kitchen basically means reinstalling the cabinets. Cabinets are placed horizontally from left to right and front to back, resting on top of wooden boxes called "trapezoidal bases" or "toe kicks", or in some newer European kitchens, on metal or plastic adjustable legs called For a "leg straightener", some boxes may need to be removed and cut, and then the cabinet ideally put back on top of it. Alternatively, the floor could be cut flush with the cabinet ladder base or legs and add a higher toe kick in front, but that means the toe kick will be out of proportion with the cabinet.

      When you're planning cabinet end panels because they look great, you may also be overlooking a problem that standard height end panels won't work: they're designed for cabinets that are 34.5" off the floor (30" cabinets plus 4.5" skirting). Another way is to kick your toes on the side of the cabinet and keep the panels flush with the bottom of the cabinet.

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