The Three Functions Of The Cabinet Skirting Board Let You Choos

  •    Generally speaking, cabinet skirting boards are made of three materials, namely wooden skirting boards, frosted metal skirting boards such as aluminum skirting boards, and kitchen PVC skirting boards. In the kitchen, the role of the cabinet skirting board, how does it work?

      (1) It can play a role of visual balance, and use color and linearity to echo with the cabinet so that the overall cabinet can achieve a perfect visual effect.

      (2) It can play a protective role. The skirting board of the cabinet is a transitional part connecting the ground and the cabinet. This can protect the cabinet from damage caused by external collision, and can also make the cabinet and the ground more firmly combined.

      (3) It can play the role of waterproof and moisture-proof. The kitchen itself is also a wet and humid place. With the cabinet skirting board, it can effectively organize the water on the ground to flow to the bottom of the cabinet, so that the bottom of the cabinet will not touch the water, which can extend the cabinet. service life.

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