To Install The Skirting Board You Need to Have The Tools Ready

  •   When you're ready to install a skirting board in your kitchen, prepare all the tools and materials you'll need to install your cabinet baseboards, such as drills, screwdrivers, pliers, and more.

      The first step: the elastic line is started by two people from the two ends of the bottom of the cabinet, straightened first, and then the elastic line is straightened. The purpose of this is to determine the horizontal line of the installation and ensure the horizontal and vertical position of the skirting board.

      The second step is to drill: Drill a hole at the position of the horizontal line. The diameter of the hole is about 10mm, and the depth is 30mm.

      The third step is to install the wooden wedge: the adhesive is applied to the wooden wedge, and then the wooden wedge is smoothed with the wall.

      The fourth step is to bend the baseboard of the yin and yang corners: make the baseboard molding at the yin and yang corners, and the size of the mold needs to be proportioned according to the size.

      In addition, the cabinets and the ground are cleaned, so that the installation can be docile, and it is not easy to have gaps. When punching holes, pay attention to the distance between the holes not too far apart, otherwise it will be difficult to play a tightening role. The skirting lines that meet at the corners of the wall are cut into a 45-degree bevel on both sides so that the two meeting skirting lines can be integrated into a relatively sharp 90-degree angle.

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